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Brand, track, and share your short links, engage with your users on a different level.


Measure traffic, know your audience, stay in control of your links.

Get to know your audience, analyze the performance of your links.
Drive your traffic based on the geographical location of your audience.
Platform targeting
Redirect your users based on the devices they're using.
Run time-limited marketing campaigns with our expiration date feature.
Secure your links from unwanted visitors with our password option.
Personalize and brand your links with custom domains and aliases.

Empower your links

Users are aware of the links they're clicking, branded links will increase your brand recognition, inspire trust and increase your click-through rate.

Brand your links with your own domains and increase your click-through rate with up to 35% more.
There's no need for hard to remember links, personalize your links with easy to remember custom aliases.


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